1939 - 2003 The Laplanche Family

The Laplanche Family: Reuniting the two Châteaux of the Estate


The Laplanche Family

Jean-Louis Laplanche, well-known psychoanalyst

Reunites the Estate in 1966

In 1936, Louis Laplanche bought Château Marey Monge and its surrounding vines in Pommard. Louis Laplanche belonged to an important family of vignerons and wine merchants from Nuits-Saint-Georges, and his wife's family had been vignerons in Burgundy since the 14th century.

Jean, son of Louis Laplanche, spent the whole of his childhood at Pommard. Life at the Château was punctuated with work on the vines and wine. In the peace and calm of his Burgundy wine village, Jean Laplanche studied philosophy and psychoanalysis. He went to Paris to continue higher education there and was awarded the highest French teacher certification in Philosophy from the Ecole Normale Supérieure.

Without ever forgetting Pommard and its Château, Jean Laplanche was successful both in his university career and his brilliant career as a therapist. He became a reference in the world of psychoanalysis. A follower of Lacan for a time, he quickly dissociated himself from him and published Vocabulaire de la psychanalyse (Vocabulary of Psychoanalysis) in 1967. In 1988, Jean Laplanche was the Scientific Director responsible for the translation of Freud's complete works!

But what happened to Pommard? Jean Laplanche returned to Château de Pommard as often as his busy schedule allowed him to. He lived with his wife Nadine at Château Marey Monge and enjoyed this haven of peace where he could work for hours in his Directoire style office. It was Nadine who took care of work on the Estate and welcomed visitors. From a family of artists and vignerons, Nadine Laplanche devoted all her energy to Château Marey-Monge. She purchased superb furniture and Directoire style fabrics, and gave the Château the chandelier that hangs there. In the office where Jean Laplanche wrote his Vocabulaire de la psychanalyse and most of his articles, the parquet is made of mahogany and lemon tree, and Directoire fabric is stretched over the walls.

In 1966, Nadine and Jean Laplanche had an opportunity they had never dreamed of.  Château Micault was for sale!

In love with the Château de Pommard, they immediately bought it.  After 180 years of being divided up, the Château de Pommard finally became one again. From this moment on, the two Châteaux, with the winemaking facilities and wall-enclosed 20 hectares of vines became a wine monopole and the property of one single family. 

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