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Meet Rémi, Trade Sales Manager for Asia

Rémi joined Château de Pommard as Trade Sales Manager for Asia two years ago. Since then, he has grown our portfolio of distributors and sales partners in countries such as China, Singapore, or Japan, making sure our delicate wines are put forward on the finest tables and in premium retail stores across the continent.

Tell us about your role at Château de Pommard. How does it affect the global recognition of the Château?

As Trade Sales Manager, my main goal is to develop the distribution of our wines and their visibility in Asia. This opportunity allows me to meet some of the most reputed actors in the wine industry around the world. With them, we want to build long-term partnerships that will help us reach local wine lovers through fine dining venues and premium wine retailers.

So you're in charge of putting our amazing cuvées on Asia's most prestigious tables. How do you find the right partner?

In order to build a long-lasting relationship, I would say the most important thing is to share common values with our partners. Sustainability, respect for people, and respect for terroir; are the foundations that help us identify future partners. Because we share these values, we know that they will advance our mission and gain the trust of local fine dining venues and wine lovers.

What did you do before joining Château de Pommard?

I lived in Asia for six years and had the chance to help several wine producers develop their distribution network, mainly in Greater China. My last stop was in Cahors, where I re-discovered Malbec and was lucky to taste and promote some outstanding wines.

Is there a Château de Pommard wine that you have a strong connection to?

Most of us working in the wine industry have one thing in common: we are driven by passion. And some wines bring our passion to the next level, like milestones in our wine journey, because they inspire unique emotions and memories. 75 Rangs is very special to me because it symbolizes one of the major milestones on my personal wine journey. 75 Rangs is a tiny plot in the middle of Grands Esprits. It is very calcareous and is susceptible to extreme heat during the summertime. Though the yields are very little, 75 Rangs’ personality profoundly impacts the blend of the Monopole, and it produces a phenomenal wine.

What do you taste in 75 Rangs 2019? How is it different from the previous vintages?

2019 is becoming my favorite vintage, with its beautiful aromas of rose and red fruits, and very elegant tannins. And year after year, it has developed a unique minerality and salty finish that makes it immediately recognizable during a blind tasting.

How do the new organic Clos Marey-Monge wines affect your sales strategy?

This certification is a great milestone, and it rewards the incredible work of Emmanuel and his team. Two years ago, when I joined the Château, organic and biodynamic viticulture was already at the center of everything we were doing at Château de Pommard, so we built our vision and strategy around it. We are convinced this is the only way for a better future, and we will keep working with those who want to join us in this journey.

How will you spread the word about the changes occurring at the Château de Pommard' amongst your partners?

My goal has always been to share the history of the Château and its transformation with our partners. We are honored to work with partners that are curious about our wines and our estate, and who want to raise the seven unique terroirs of our Clos Marey-Monge to the level of recognition they deserve.