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Clos Marey-Monge Micault 2020 and Homemade Neapolitan Pizza with Bresaola and Stracciatella

The vines producing our cuvée Vivant Micault were originally planted as an English garden.They create a fruity and juicy Pinot Noir that is particularly enjoyable when young. This easy-drinking wine is ideal for laid-back evenings making it a perfect match for home-made pizza. Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourselves!

Ingredients (serves 2 persons)

For the pizza dough

900 g flour

1/2 g baker’s yeast

500 ml water

25 g salt

For the topping

Tomato sauce

Dried tomatoes



Arugula salad


Pizza dough

  1. Start by pouring the water and salt into a large bowl and mixing them. Then, add approximately 100g of flour with the yeast, and stir the mixture with a wooden spoon. Gradually incorporate more flour into the mixture, stirring continuously until all the flour is completely absorbed by the water. This process may take around 10 minutes.

  2. Now, it's time to use your hands. Hold the bowl firmly with one hand and begin kneading the dough with the other hand in a circular motion. Lift the dough from the bottom, bring it up, and gently press it down with your palm, repeating this motion until all the flour is absorbed and the dough no longer sticks to the sides of the bowl.

  3. Transfer the dough onto a clean work surface and knead it with both hands for at least fifteen minutes, making sure not to tear the dough as this can damage the gluten structure.

  4. Continue kneading until the dough becomes smooth and elastic to the touch, with a slightly moist texture that doesn't stick to your hands when pressed.

  5. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and let it rise in a warm, protected place at a temperature between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. This process will take approximately 2 hours, during which enzymes will break down the starch into simpler sugars and proteins into shorter amino acids, making the dough more digestible.

  6. Once the dough has doubled in size, transfer it back to the work surface and divide it into balls of about 200 grams each. Place these balls in a container for the next rising phase, which will last for 4 to 6 hours.

  7. When you're ready to roll out the dough, sprinkle some flour on the work surface before transferring one of the dough balls. Use your fingers to stretch and shape the dough into a pizza, focusing on pushing the air toward the edges to create a thicker crust.

Create your pizza!

  1. Preheat your oven to its maximum temperature for approximately 5 minutes.

  2. Begin by spreading the tomato sauce evenly over your pizza base. Next, carefully place the pizza on the oven's lower rack, avoiding using the fan-assisted function. Bake for about 5 minutes, adjusting the time as needed depending on your oven, until the crust and base turn a golden brown color.

  3. Feel free to customize your pizza with your favorite toppings. For our version, we've opted for bresaola, and stracciatella cheese, finished with a generous handful of fresh arugula salad for a perfect combination of flavors. Pistachios would also work well.

Remember that a true Neapolitan pizza may cook slightly unevenly, with certain areas appearing more cooked or even lightly charred. Not to worry, this adds authentic texture and flavor.

Now, savor your homemade Neapolitan masterpiece alongside a glass of our Clos Marey-Monge Vivant Micault 2020. Cheers!