Truffle Lunch Experience

Taste two typical gems of Burgundy.

Wine and truffles are two typical Burgundian delicacies. Immerse yourself in rarefied Burgundy terroirs, and unearth the secrets of truly great wines: the soils in the vineyard and the skill of the winemaker. Taste six of our most sought-after cuvées and learn how to assess the qualities of outstanding wine. Following the wine tasting experience at Château de Pommard, you will enjoy an amazing truffle lunch at La Maison aux Mille Truffes, in Marey-lès-Fussey.

During the Truffle Lunch Experience you will discover

  • The technical aspects and soil composition of Burgundy terroirs

  • Biodynamic winemaking techniques

  • The art of truffle hunting with a local expert

  • Follow the truffle from the ground to the table and enjoy a delicious 100% truffle lunch à La Maison aux Mille Truffes

Our Exceptional Tasting

  • Taste some of our finest wines from Château de Pommard and Famille Carabello-Baum, including our rarest cuvée, Simone

  • Discern the characteristics of an exceptional cuvée while tasting

In Partnership with La Maison aux Mille Truffes

With a loyal dog by his side, Thierry Bezeux explores his truffle patch in Marey-lès-Fussey, looking for black gems. For the past ten years, this truffle hunter has dedicated himself to sharing his savoir-faire with his clients. Foodies from all-over the world come to meet him and his dog to discover the art of truffle hunting. When he isn’t in his patch, Thierry Bezeux spends his time meeting with local artisans, creating unexpected recipes combining different craftsmanships.

A stunning Burgundy area

We are working on an important and exciting restoration and expansion project. We are proud to be nearly three centuries old but it’s time for us to get in shape for the next three hundred years. During the renovation, our cellars can't be visited, but we remain committed to ensuring that you, our guests, have a memorable and educational tasting.

Book Your Truffle Lunch Experience

  • Duration 4h30: 1 hour tasting at Château de Pommard, 3 hours truffle experience, including lunch at La Maison aux Mille Truffes, in Marey-lès-Fussey (a 30 minute drive from the Château)
  • Price 130€ per person
  • Tasting 6 Exceptional wines and truffle lunch
  • Type Public up to 8 people

This Experience is bookable all year round*, Thursday – Monday. For questions and booking requests, please contact our Concierge: Call +33 3 80 22 07 99 or send us a message.

* This Experience won't be available from January 15th until February 16th 2023 included.