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Gold Medals at the 2023 Drinks Business Autumn Tasting!

‘A brilliant wine that is a benchmark for its type’: Clos Marey-Monge Monopoles Win Gold

Three Clos Marey-Monge Monopoles have been recognised among top wines from all over the world at the drinks business Autumn Tasting. In each winning a Gold medal, our 2017, 2019 and 2020 Monopoles were ranked as three of the best in the competition by a panel of expert judges, including Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers.

The Autumn Tasting took place in London on 7 September, as one of the 27 Global Wine Masters competitions taking place in 2023, organised by industry leading publication the drinks business. Among thousands of entries in 2022, under 20% won a Gold or Master medal, the top two awards, putting Château de Pommard's flagship cuvée in the company of the world’s best. According to the rigorous judging criteria, a Gold medallist must be ‘a brilliant wine that is a benchmark for its type’.

At the Autumn Tasting, the expert judges tasted 243 entries from 13 countries. With the competition open to any style, grape variety and price, it was a true survey of the global wine market.

In such a broad tasting, a couple of notable successes stood out, according to the drinks business. "Austria showed its popularity by securing all three of the top Master medals across all styles (white, red, sweet), while Turkish brand Chamlija won a Master and a Silver medal for its two entries. The tasting had an impressive geographical breadth: the Gold and Master medallists spanned four continents, while less known regions in Uruguay won Silver medals."

Jez Fielder, Director of Marketing and Communications at Château de Pommard, said this about the win: "We all know and respect the drinks business, they are part of our daily lives and a frequent visitor to our inboxes! So getting recognition from their chosen panel of experts is extremely high praise and incredibly encouraging to us here in Pommard."

For those looking to taste these wines for themselves, you can learn more or buy them here (2017), here (2019), and here (2020).