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Have you ever wondered why the vintage appears on the label of a wine?

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The Vintage Effect

Have you ever wondered why the vintage appears on the label of a wine?

Alongside terroir, grape variety, and human intervention, weather conditions specific to each wine growing region and vineyard participate to create unique cuvées, each with its own qualities and aging potential. Rain, cold, heat, sun, frost, and hail can vary dramatically from year to year, especially in four-season, continental climats like Burgundy.


Normal spring weather was followed by a hot, dry summer resulting in good yields. Harvest was late August with beautiful fruit. Fresh, acidic Chardonnays with power and balance. Very expressive, powerful Pinots Noirs.


An early and hot spring preceded a cool summer. Grapes were picked the last two weeks of September with superb fruit quality. Very aromatic whites, lively and broad. Complex and tannic reds.


Early spring was the harbinger of chaotic summer weather patterns. Harvest occurred mid-September and required meticulous sorting. Aromatic, long, and vivacious Chardonnays. Structured and silky Pinots Noirs.


Challenging and late spring was followed by a June hail lowered overall yields. Harvest mid-September. Concentrated and complex Chardonnays. Fruity and spicy Pinots Noirs with an excellent tannic framework.


A wet and cold spring, June hail and a stormy summer resulted in low yields, Grapes were late to ripen with harvest the end of September. Fruity and mineral white wines. Earthy and rounded red wines.


A very wet summer followed June hail decreasing grape quantities. Dry and windy conditions in September preceded a late harvest in the last two weeks of September. Smooth and refreshing whites. Elegant and earthy reds.


Typical spring weather and very hot, dry summer created superb conditions. Harvest happened early September, but low vine sugar reserves limited yields. Chardonnays are rich and ample, Pinots Noirs are colorful, balanced, and fruit forward.


A hot, dry summer preceded by a cold and wet spring with black frost late April. Yields were the lowest of the past two decades. Harvest took place mid-September. Elegant and soft whites. Complex, fresh reds with good acidity.


Sunny spring and summer with perfectly ripe grapes harvested the first two weeks of September resultinmg in the best yields in a decade. Balanced, aromatic Chardonnays. Very expressive and harmonious Pinot Noirs.


Beautiful spring weather preceded a sweltering, dry summer. Good yields, with grapes harvested early at the end of August and beginning of September. A promising vintage for whites and reds.

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