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75 Rangs

Hidden among the 220 vines of the Grand Champ plot is 75 Rangs, a curious haven of 75 rows of vines that face east of the vineyard along the D974 road. At 238 meters above sea level, this plot is located at the lowest topographic position of the vineyard.


Replanted personally by Jean and Nadine Laplanche in 1962, the 75 Rangs plot is named after its 75 glorious rows of Pinot Noir vines. Weighing in at a little over five per cent of the overall surface area of Clos Marey-Monge may be small in size but is responsible for delivering a wine with minerity, remarkable tannins and a full body balanced with acidity. Comprising just under 1ha, the plot can be located between the Grand Champs and Grand Champs Bas plots.

Spot the Plot:
75 Rangs can be found sandwiched between the Grand Champs and Grand Champs Bas plots, towards the famous trees that line the D974

Compared to the soils of the Émilie plot, the soils of 75 Rangs are much thinner, around 45-55cm. They have a silty texture that is comprised of 6% clay, 65% silt and 29% sand. Dark brown to dark yellowish brown in color, a result from the alteration of coarse fluvial alluvium. The plot benefits from shallow and draining limestone-rich soil that deliver very powerful wines.

A rainbow, or closbow as we call them, lands in 75 Rangs in Autumn 2016

One of the seven terroirs of Clos Marey-Monge, from a bird’s eye perspective this one may be hidden from view. But from a worm’s eye view, the beauty of this plot distinct, and splendid, soils can be observed quite clearly.

Vendanges A la Main: 
Julie Lacroix hand-picks 75 Rangs fruit during Harvest 2016

Wine Library:
Bottled by Jean Laplanche the year he personally planted 75 Rangs, 1962


Planted 1962

Percentage of Clos Marey-Monge 5%

Pruning Method Guyot-Poussard

75 Rangs

Area 0,84.80ha (8a 80ca)



Seven Terroirs: The plot map of Clos Marey-Monge