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At the Heart of Burgundy

Three kilometres south from Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy ; the ancient vineyard of Clos Marey-Monge sits close to the centre of the Côte d’Or. With a mosaic of sun-soaked south-east-facing hills ; and the captivating sights, smells and sounds of Clos Marey-Monge, Burgundy’s largest private monopole ; Pommard is surrounded by ageless beauty.

A Place in the Sun:
With 27 UNESCO-protected premier cru climats, Pommard has many spectacular sights too see


With more than 60 vignerons based in the village, Pommard is at the heart of Burgundy. It represents the very best of all that is cherished about the Côte de Beaune’s wine, people, history and geography. Revered as one of Burgundy’s greatest Pinot Noir wine-growing appellations ; Pommard is united by 27 identified climats ; each one bathed and swooning in more than 230 days of average annual sunshine and a continental climate ; sitting pretty on a treasured geology that has become the envy of the world. In 2017, there are now more than 3,800 wine estates in Burgundy. Pommard is home to more than 60 domaines, with more than 187 producers making Pommard wine.

Bourgogne Live Productions:
 This beautiful video shows Pommard bristling with joie de vivre. It culminates with La Paulée party at Château de Pommard! 

With an ancient church at the centre of the village, an intimate selection of restaurants and many prestigious premier cru domains, cellars and dégustation temptations ; picturesque Pommard is the perfect place to kick-start your adventures in Burgundy.

Grand Tour: 
The 60-kilometer long Route des Grand Crus is the scenic route to see the 38 appellations of the Côte d’Or


Running north to south behind Château de Pommard is the famous Route des Grand Crus. It is the pathway that connects the famed appellations of the Côte d’Or. Ideal for cycling, Scootering and walking in any season, the Route des Grand Crus is the greatest way to see vignerons, vines and the treasured 1,724 UNESCO-protected climats in their natural habitats.

In 1723, two years before Vivant Micault laid the foundation stone for Château de Pommard, 90 casks of wines from Pommard were sent to Reims to celebrate the coronation of Louis XV, an honor that highlights both the prominence and elegance of Pommard wine at the time, as well as the taste for the fine wine and opulence the French monarchy had become accustomed to, and the very thing that would see its eventual downfall.

A Place in Time:
Ancient Pommard has been famed for red wine for many centuries

Sandwiched between Beaune to the north and Volnay to the south, Pommard occupies a large expanse of land ; approximately 320 hectares of vines, of which 20-hectares, or five acres, belongs to Château de Pommard, the largest remaining undivided estate in Burgundy.


Pommard was one of the first villages in Burgundy to become popular for red wine. But what else do you need to know?

  1. Around 600 people live in Pommard

  2. Pommard is twinned with Nackenheim, Germany

  3. Pommard’s overall size is 320ha, 20 of which are Clos Marey-Monge

  4. The village of Polmareo was first mentioned in the history books  in the year 1005.

  5. The name ‘Pommard’ is believed to derive from Pomona, the Roman goddess of flowers, gardens, and vineyards.

  6. In 1794 Pommard’s church, at the centre of the village, is burnt to the ground by heretics. Much Micault family history is lost.

  7. The stream that runs parallel to Château de Pommard is called the Dheune, and flows down from the “Montagne de Pommard”

  8. The 2,000-metre long Clos wall at Chateau de Pommard was built in 1812 by inhabitants of Pommard. Nicolas-Joseph Marey offered a pair of boots and soup to any person that would help with this project! We have started the renovation of our Clos Walls early 2017 with a local association “Ressources” that help people to be reinserted in the civil society.

  9. In 1936, Pommard becomes one of the first villages registered for Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC)

  10. As Pommard is surrounded by hills, it receives increased shelter from wind, storms and horizontal rain. Though it is not storm-proof.

Beaune Road:
The D973 connects Pommard to Beaune

Every day there is something new to see in Pommard or reason to party. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane, and remember and celebrate all that is cool about the wine-growing appellation ; as well as the village of postcard-perfect Pommard. At its heart lies Château de Pommard, a three-centuries old winery with many more stories yet to tell too…

Fountain Fun:
The now-thunderous water feature in Cour Carrée was used a swimming pool by the de Blic Family, and local children of Pommard in the 1900s

Surrounded By Hills:
 Château de Pommard is at the heart of the village. Pictured here in the 1960s

Harvest Time:
Vendanges in Pommard has been celebrated for centuries. Can you guess the date?

Same As It Ever Was:
To this day, we still protect our grapes by carrying them in 12kg soft baskets. You can never take the safety of your grapes too seriously

The Place To Be: 
Pictured here at the turn of the 20th century, Pommard has expanded a (little) bit more since. With Calabria (an Italian pizza restaurant), Compagnie Fanny (a wine bar) and Appellation Chocolat (chocolatier-glaciers), and Café du Pont ; an afternoon in Pommard is always well-spent

Bridge Café:
 We’ve been friends with local businesses since our earliest days, including Café du Pont. It’s still there….and the food is always excellent

Rue Marey-Monge:
Fashions may have changed, but the entrance to Château de Pommard has remained the same for 300 years. 

History Books: There
are several historical texts written on the history of Pommard, but the Essai Historique sur Pommard was a treasure trove of cherished information

Before the Renovation:
 In the early 90s, Château de Pommard looked a bit different. Then came the multi-million euro investment into the property


 Since the renovation of the premises was complete in 2009, Château de Pommard has been the village’s bustling hub of famous art and music

Vente des Vins:
To celebrate the Hospices des Beaune Wine Auction, Château de Pommard provided a night to remember with a gastronomic feast from Top Cheffinalist Kevin d’Andrea and live music from Nouvelle Star singer, Mélanie June

Party Time:
La Paulée at Château de Pommard was a day-long party to celebrate Emmanuel Sala’s tenth vintage as winemaker and bring to a close the week-long chaos of Vendanges 2016

A Place To Unwind:
 With our new annual Music Festival coming in 2017, and events in Clos Marey-Monge available all year round, Château de Pommard is a hotspot heaven for fun and entertainment

The Fraternity:
Every January, the Bailliage of Pommard, a brotherhood of winemakers, swear in new members to help protect the appellation’s natural magic. In 2017, Michael Baum became the newest, and proudest, recruit

Centre Ground: A beautiful shot by Burgundy photographer Aurélien Ibanez, with Château de Pommard at the heart of the action