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Chardonnay Day 2023

In the grand playground of wine, Chardonnay is the popular kid who swings across every climatic monkey bar, from the chilliest whispers of Burgundy to the sunny (and often foggy) contours of California. Chardonnay can be all things to all people - the Tabula Rasa of the vineyard, if you will. As we salute Chardonnay Day, let's don our detective caps and swirl our way through the multitudes of this magnificent grape.

Chardonnay's genealogy traces back to a romantic rendezvous between Gouais Blanc and Pinot Noir in the vineyards of Burgundy. This heritage is part of the charm that gives Chardonnay its multi-faceted character, allowing it to jive with any terroir it's thrown into like a boogie champ on a 70s dance floor.

In the most exalted vineyards of Burgundy, Chardonnay grows like a symphony conductor's dream, and the winemaker is able to express the terroir in the noblest, most restrained and elegant way possible. Think apples and pears performing a graceful ballet, a little bit of honey, and a waft of fresh toast. But the real magic trick is in its delicate flinty, chalky note that says "terroir" in a broad French accent. It’s a French kiss in a glass. Bisous, Montrachet!

This year, Chardonnay day falls on May 25, and what better way to celebrate than hooking yourself up with some ... yes, that's right, Chardonnay!

Château de Pommard's Famille Carabello-Baum range offers some beautifully made examples of Chardonnay. So take a look at our collections and see what takes your fancy this May.

But don't for a moment think Chardonnay is a one-trick pony. This shape-shifter grape hops across the pond to California, stretches out in the golden sun, and decides to sport a sun-kissed tan. Richer, rounder, and riper, it starts exhibiting tones of juicy tropical fruits, peaches, and even an alluring tinge of crème brûlée. If French Chardonnay is a ballet dancer, California Chardonnay is a beach volleyball player - energetic, tanned, and with an enviable zest for life.

Down under, in the land of kangaroos and boomerangs, the Chardonnay tale takes another twist. The Aussies, ever the mavericks, coax a unique profile from the versatile Chardonnay. In the cooler regions of Margaret River and Yarra Valley, Chardonnay transforms into a delightful fusion of old and new world styles, bridging the gap with grace and aplomb. Picture a citrus orchestra with a hint of tropical fruits and a swish of vanilla from a well-judged use of oak. Australian Chardonnay can wear cowboy hats and berets with equal pizzaz!

Across the ditch, the Kiwis craft a Chardonnay that is refreshingly zesty, with a solid backbone of minerality and a squeeze of citrus, radiating an intensity that is as breathtaking as New Zealand's picturesque landscapes. A sip of Kiwi Chardonnay is like a skydive over Queenstown – refreshing, exhilarating, and with a thrilling touch of the unexpected.

Chardonnay is has made itself at home in every nook and cranny across the winegrowing world. Its versatility is a testament to the linguistic prowess of this grape; it speaks every 'vinacular' (see what I did there?), from the sun-drenched drawls of the Napa Valley to the cool, understated cuvées of Chablis. But this is not just America vs France.

Next stop, South America. In Chile and Argentina, Chardonnay takes on yet another accent, with a beautiful balance of fruit and minerality. Imagine a green apple and a pineapple wrapped up in a warm tortilla, sprinkled with a dash of minerals. It’s the sort of wine that goes "hola!" and does the tango with your tastebuds, a South American salsa in a bottle.

And, of course, we can't overlook South Africa, where Chardonnay sits in the sun long enough to be expressive and fruity, but maintains just enough of a cool current to keep it vibrant and fresh. A South African Chardonnay is like a lion sunbathing on a cool day; it’s got the power of intense UV, but it’s not afraid to chill.

Chardonnay also takes a sparkling turn in Champagne, where it weaves a dazzling tapestry of complexity and finesse. This region produces Chardonnays that are bubbly, vivacious, and eternally elegant, reminding us that there is always something to celebrate.

And just when you think you've got a handle on Chardonnay, it winks, shakes its vines, and morphs again, changing its tune to keep you on your toes. It’s the Zelig of the wine world, a true vinous chameleon.

So, here's to Chardonnay! To the countless joy it has brought to countless dinner tables, to the notes of peace it has sung into countless nights, and to the countless forms it takes around this wonderful world of ours. Let's raise our glasses high and toast to the Queen of Grapes, the jetsetter of the vineyard, the ever-changing, ever-delighting maestro of wine - Chardonnay.

If you'd like to learn more about what factors influence the different disguises of Chardonnay across the globe, why not sign up for a course at our wine education centre, Ecole V? You can learn amongst the vines! Check out the latest courses here.

Happy Chardonnay Day!